Producing the finest German lard for over 80 years

LARU has been producing premium Schmalz products for generations. Founded in 1939, in Essen, Germany, by Karl Langensiepen and Heinz Ruckebier – from whose names the acronym LARU was derived – our firm began life as a family-owned company, producing Germany’s best lard through traditional methods.

Rapid renown as the lard specialist

Boosted by quality, consistency and reliability, LARU quickly became known throughout Germany as the producer of lard products. In 1993, LARU relocated to Bottrop, Germany, where our headquarters remain to this day. Since 2011, LARU has been active internationally, exporting products produced in the heart of the Ruhr, all across the world.  In 2013, LARU joined with Darling Ingredients, the global leader in sustainable ingredients. Today, LARU employs around 40 employees. Each one plays a key role in maintaining the high standards of our products.

LARU: a synonym for lard

Heritage flavors, 21st century methods
Here at LARU, Germany’s only nation-wide producer of pork and goose fat, we are dedicated to making the best lard possible. We combine the rich heritage of the old days with the best and most efficient production methods of the 21ste century. 

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