The safest lard of the highest quality

At LARU, we make sure that all our products are totally safe. With a continuous monitoring system, we can guarantee the highest levels of safety and security throughout our production process – recognized with our IFS certification.  Every stage of production is recorded, documented, and monitored by both our own team, as well as by independent institutes. All in all, the safety and hygiene standards at our factories are of the highest level.

Our lard is part of Germany’s rich food tradition. And with that come consistency, high quality, and truly excellent taste. This is why the quality of our products is of the highest order. In fact, we regularly receive the highest awards in the DLG quality tests – which involve scrupulous quality inspections.

LARU: a synonym for lard

Heritage flavors, 21st century methods
Here at LARU, Germany’s only nation-wide producer of pork and goose fat, we are dedicated to making the best lard possible. We combine the rich heritage of the old days with the best and most efficient production methods of the 21ste century. 

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