At a time in which food hypes come and go, and transparent product and process information can be hard to find, relying on tradition is an outstanding way of ensuring safety, quality and authenticity. 

‘Schmalz’ has played a vital role in German food culture for generations. At LARU, we are proud to be a part of that tradition. Starting out as a family-owned business, we have been making lard the traditional way since 1939. Today, as the number one Schmalz brand in Germany, we make sure our lard is of the finest quality: unprocessed, safe, tasty, and produced, as it always has been, according to time-honored tradition. Our lard specialties belong in every kitchen, on every table.
Enjoy tradition. Discover freshness.


With LARU, there’s something for everyone 

Enrich your dishes with our lard: from bread to baking, and cooking to frying, LARU lard offers you a wealth of reliable, time-honored culinary options. 


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LARU: a synonym for lard

Heritage flavors, 21st century methods
Here at LARU, Germany’s only nation-wide producer of pork and goose fat, we are dedicated to making the best lard possible. We combine the rich heritage of the old days with the best and most efficient production methods of the 21ste century. 

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